I was thinking about going, but the poor lighting (rainy and overcast) (at least from my part of the GTA) kept me home. I filled my time processing 20 rolls of 120/120/35mm in c-41 and b&w.

I had exposed these films in a model session on Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday morning. I hosted the shoot, as part of a sleep over with her kids and my kids hanging out together, and out of trouble with respect to the model, this photographer, and his photo assistanat (my gracious wife).

I had taken Friday as a holday to load cameras, set lighting, clean up and get areas ready to be used as sets, and to get meals prepared in advance.

Yesterday I had another holiday day, and I proceeded to sleeve the dried films, contact printed with b&w and RA-4, editted, and printed samples of all of the colour, and most of the b&w images that I am making as a sample book.

Such efforts remind me of why I should keep this as a hobby, and stop dreaming that I could want to do it full time. I should have gone to your group shoot; it would have been much less stress full, but I would have then been even more back logged to get caught up.