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Well, I'm sad to report that as of 12/15/09 nothing has changed at the KEH site. I still can't buy anything because the checkout won't work, I can't even login to my account and there is still no-one to ask for help. I did eventually come across an email address buried deep in the "Sell your gear" pages but have not received any response. I guess it's back to ebay for me.
I recently purchased something from them - - it was one of the rare instances with them when there was a problem on arrival (they took it back, credited the price & the shipping both ways, etc - - very good to work with...). But while I was talking to one of their staff, she told me that using the online system is OK for checking normal product availability but that the customer service folks generally recommend calling up to verify final availability and to place the actual order. In the end, there are fewer problems doing that. So that's what I have done for my subsequent orders. If it reduces the likelihood of problems, I'll take that extra step.