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Rhodes: The normal E6 process includes a chemical that fogs the film for you. Since you don't have it, you'll have to re expose to light. Any light will do. Just use enough and not too much. Simple, right?
I probably went wrong there aswell. I hung mine up to dry (so I could get it back on the spool for the C-41 step) in full sunlight for about half an hour or so ! If that doesn't qualify as too much then I don't know what does. I reckoned that it was a kind of 'exposure to completion' step if you know what I mean, all the remaining unexposed silver to be exposed for the 2nd dev stage.

Maybe next time I'll reel it out in darkness and maybe give it one pop of a strobe or something. The problem then is waiting for it to dry, I don't think I have anywhere available that's completely dark that would do the trick.