There is one thought that I call, "The Rythms of the World." looking for those sublime moments when time, weather and circumstance all come together and the world reveals its beauty. It can happen anywhere, from the North or South Poles, to Central Park, NYC.
Then translating, interpreting what your eye sees onto a photograph.

A moment in time like that is what I call a "Once in Eternity" opportunity, when all the elements of time, weather and circumstance come together and the landscape reveals its sublime glory. It has about the same chances of happening again as there are of finding identical snowflakes.

There is also the relationship between patterns and rythms. A pattern being a repitition of a shape, form. Like leaves on the tree, a grove of pines, a stream, ocean, clouds, mountains. Each has its own pattern. A rythm is formed by the interaction of two or more patterns and how the artist juxtapositions each pattern that will formulate the rythm, beat, song, mood, emotion of the image.

These are just some personal random thoughts I have about photography in general and what I am trying to convey in my images.