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Lee, I saw a 'droid' the other day, in fact several of my cool-kid buddies seem to have them now. The thing seems an ideal platform for location-based apps. I mean, we were driving and the thing was showing us, in almost real time, the view we were seeing through the windshield. Fun.
That would be my choice as well... if I had a cell phone. I have a friend who has one, bought it the day they came out, and she loves it. In part her choice was driven by the requirement to repurchase DRM'd iTunes music after her iWhatever player died a few weeks before. No DRM on the Droid, and she's not a real techie. I see that Droid apps have gone from 10k to 20k in the last couple of months, and the Google phone is predicted to hit next month, also running Android Eclair. Have you seen Google Goggles? It's an Android app that lets you take a photo of a place, product, bar code, etc and then searches for a match on the web. Reviews say it's uncanny and very fast, using street view, product info, photos on the web, etc. If the photo is of a product, it will search the web for a local vendor and best price, then guide you there with the GPS.