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Octahedra = 8 sided, Tetra deca hedra = 4 10 sided. An octahedron in emulsion parlance in the case above is a cube with clipped corners. A cube has 6 faces and 8 corners. If you look closely at my photomicrograph, you see that each side has 6 edges but there are 8 + 6 sides making 14. Go figure!

There are several possible shapes possible. AFAIK, there is nothing "golden" or special about them.

An octahedron is a cube with clipped corners,
but only if they are clipped in such a way so as to compleatly eliminate the [100] faces of the cube.

Shallow clipping that only reduces the area of cube faces but does not elimnate them, produces tetradecahedral grains
(the 6 cube faces + the 8 slightly truncated corners)

"Golden Tetras" was something that sprung up in my mind from once having had an interest in Tropical Fish.

My dendrites were streching!