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I also have wrist support mouse mat (theres a bump of some thing spongy that forces you to keep your wrist fairly straight instead of resting on the table top and your hand and fingers arching up over the mouse. I have a similer thing along the front of my keyboard to do the same thing when typing), it seems to assist.
These things are REALLY dubious... They activly encourage you rest your arms lower than your hands, and twist your wrists back - a sure way to damage your wrists. They also force you to make more movement with yourr wrist rather than moving your whole hand. They're better than resting your arms on the desk, but thats REALLY REALLY bad. Your hands should be a line with your arms, and the best way to to that is to keep your arms nice and high.

re - tablets: Don't know how much they'll help with RSI, though just the change will probalbly do you good. However you DON'T need to go for the huge one. In fact many people buy a huge one, and then "upgrade" to something smaller. The smaller tablets have sufficient accuracy, and reduce the distances you need to move your arm - too large a tablet and you get tired.