The Bessas are great cameras. I would recomend the R2 before the R - it is a much more solid camera. Regarding the lenses - the R takes most LTM/L39 lenses (Leica Thread Mount - 39mm thread) the R2 takes the Leica M-lenses and with an adaptor the LTM lenses as well.

Not 100% sure about your question - which lenses in particular r in general? There are several nice wideangles in the Voigtlander family. I really like 'normal' focallengths myself. Is the Bessa-R your only camera or do you have several cameras? In my case I use it when a mediumformat is to big & heavy to bring along. The Color SKopar 50mm f2.5 is a fine lens for that use. Small & light, extremely fast and easy to use and good optics. If the Bessa-R is going to be your main camera I would recomend the 50mm f1.5 Nokton Aspherical which is a few tads sharper than the Skopar. The Nokton is a top-performer on par with Leica lenses.

The Bessas are a great range of cameras. I hope you enjoy them!