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PC-TEA is so simple and fool-proof, I don't know why anyone would use anything else.
Because I have not found TEA to be a better activator than, e.g. sodium metaborate. I have found it a lot easier to throw a teaspoon of metaborate (or 5 ml of a stock liquid solution if you use Gainer's recipe for creating metaborate from borax and lye) into a liter of water containing some Phenidone-ascorbic acid stock than to go through the mess (and smell!) of heating TEA in order to dissolve the chemicals.

In PC-TEA, the only difference is the TEA itself as the activator. The amounts of Phenidone and Vitamin C remain the same. I can't tell the difference in my negs at 11 X14 enlargements in terms of grain or tonality. So for me, the teaspoon of Kodalk is quicker and easier than making up the TEA solution.