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Hi to all. I have managed to pick up a Jobo Atl-1000 processor and have been offered quite a large volume of 4 month old but unopened chemicals at a good price.
My questions are as follows,
1. can the Fuji (NQ2RS ) and Kodak (4036729) bleach fix solutions be used for both C-41 and RA-4 processes? Are these compatible with both the Jobo and a Nova deep slot method?
2. Is the Kodak ( 4036745 ) stabiliser/replenisher really needed for RA-4? since this isn't included in the ( say ) Agfa equivalent kit?
3. Besides the colour developer and bleach/fix, will I need anything else for C-41 processing in the Jobo? Stabiliser perhaps?
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I don't recongize the Fuji hunt product name. Is anything else written on the jug?

Try here:


Odds are if it's bleach & fix in one bottle it's for RA-4. I think the various Fuji C-41 products are sold with bleach and fix in thier own bottles. IIRC that's the case for Kodak to.

The stuff will work in the drums if you can figure out what you've got. Be carefull to figure out exactly what you've got. Fuji has a bunch of different C-41 processes/chemicals. In the end it's all the same but they have different times,replenishment rates and mixing requirements.

I was more or less given a bunch of Fuji C-41 and RA-4 stuff. The prices was very good so I didn't pay attention. If I had I would have noticed I got things like Part B of the C-41 developer and no part A. 2x the fixer then the bleach. That it was 2/3s RA-4 when I thought I was buying 100% C-41. Still the stuff has worked great and I couldn't have bought the empty plastic jugs for the same money so I can't complain.

Odds are the stabilzier is for C-41.

See the above for the third question.