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1. can the Fuji (NQ2RS ) and Kodak (4036729) bleach fix solutions be used for both C-41 and RA-4 processes? Are these compatible with both the Jobo and a Nova deep slot method?
2. Is the Kodak ( 4036745 ) stabiliser/replenisher really needed for RA-4? since this isn't included in the ( say ) Agfa equivalent kit?
3. Besides the colour developer and bleach/fix, will I need anything else for C-41 processing in the Jobo? Stabiliser perhaps?
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C-41 and RA-4 are different processes. C-41 bleach can be used for E-6 but not for RA-4. If you want to keep chemicals down (and have better quality) I'd avoid the bleach-fixes (BLIXs) and go for a Bleach and a Fix. The Fix then can be shared among B&W, C-41 and RA-4. The Bleach can be used in E-6.

The Superstabilizer is not needed for RA-4, nor the stabilizer for C-41 but they are not a bad idea. RA-4 Superstabilizer is not only part of doing a NP (Non-plumbing, non-water) but also improves the whites and the long-term archival quality of the dyes--- a Super-STAB RA-4 print will last longer than one that did not get a "treatment". Its also not a bad idea to use a hot air dryer for C-41 and especially E-6 as they stabilize the film dyes as well. For RA-4 I use a IR dryer--- which the added benefit that I don't have to wait long for prints to dry to sync to neutral gray.