Murray, I've not converted to the 1 litre volume, rather to a more appropriate comparison with D76, D23, D25, D103 etc based on the 100g/litre Sodium Sulphite but either is valid.

I've seen D76 published by Kodak as 1g Metol, 50g Sodium Sulphite, 2.5g Hydroquinone, 1g Borax ans Water to 500ml. Sometimes in Patents etc developers seem strange until you find a factor to divide by, then all falls into place and you find perhaps quite a simple variant of a well known formula.

I prefer to compare developers in a spreadsheet, I'll often compare ratios of principal chemicals, which is why I chose that particular ratio.

Interestingly this way it's possible to trace how a Wellington & Ward Buffered Borax formula was taken by Kodak and became DK50, there must have been a D50 first, and then this (D50) evolved to D76 but along the way Kodak were experimenting with the ratios of M to Q, leaving the Q out etc, Agfa and Ilford of course have their own variations.