I have noticed that Camera Arts has become much more digitally oriented recently. I would rager that 75% of this current issue is dedicated to digital technique or gear. In his editorial remarks,Steve Simmons eluded to the fact that film makers were no longer investing in magazine advertising. I know that Steve needs to pay the bills with advertising and that more and more of Camera Arts advertising is of digitally related products from large companies and thus the logical increase in attention to digital content.

I hope this does not mean a similar fate with View Camera, but the writing is probably on the wall. I don't know much about the magazine publishing industry
but it seems that you would have to support the sponsors through content even if it is not item specific. I would hazard a guess that the amount of money Kodak and Ilford spent on film and paper advertising in mags dwarfed what Ries or Wisner or Cachet spends.

What does anyone else think about the future of traditional photography in magazine form. Will there always be at least one publication dedicated to analogue or will we be relegated to a one or two page section in mags that are 95% digital?

I am discussing magazines and not the future of film vs. pixels. I am a firm believer in the continued availability of film and paper in all formats in the future. I am curious about others opinions and ideas about the future of photo mags that are currently still mostly traditionally based.