Hello to All,
After reading all of these opinions, I think that what I will try first is to use the tri-color camera. I already have brand new pellical mirrors for it. So,as far as expense is concerned, the damage is already done. ($500 per mrror,BTW)
I will just choose a mid point wavelength, say 550. Then,, each film plain will be a diffrent distance from the single pinhole, so I will choose the longest for exposure calculation. I know the R/T vallues for my pellicals, so I will factor these into the exposure. I can see myself useing ND filters on the two shortest exposure calculations. Then I can have one optimum exposure for all three film plains.
I have no idea if this will work. But most of my work is experemental. Most of my time is dedicated to emulsion making and I am doing well to get one realy good piece of work in a year.
Also, if laser drilled pinholes are of mediocer quality, what would be a higher quality. Can anyone reccomend a source? Or are these carefully home-made, by experienced pinhole guys?