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Any comments on on ILford's archival fixing recommendation
... basically highly conc. fix for very short times?
Ilford's Archival Processing Sequence debuted in 1981.
Ilford has for several years disassociated the Sequence
from the word Archival. In fact their 2002 PDF on fixers
does not even mention the sequence; the post film
strength 1 minute fix followed by a 5-10-5 minute
wash-hca-wash. They do still list a fix time for
film strength. ??????

To put it bluntly, the 1 minute fix at film strength is no
longer to be associated with archival. The sequence
itself is no longer.

Ilford's guide line for greatest Life Expectancy is the
level of dissolved silver in the fixer. They've pegged
it at 0.5 grams silver per liter. That works out to be
10, 8x10s through 1 liter of working strength be it
1:4, 1:9, or if you can believe the chemistry
capacity statments, 1:19.

Ilford's reasons for dropping the sequence are, I believe
multiple. One reason repeatedly mentioned; some papers
simply will not fix completely in 1 minute. Also, doubts
were raised of the 10 minutes in hca replacing
a second fix. Essentially the quick fix in film
strength was never any more than the
quickest way to a clean print.

If Ilford promotes any fix routine it is the two bath
which they describe as "... extremely efficient ...".
Hey! They want us to turn out clean prints
and save on chemistry. Dan