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Ok, so someone has a Jobo CPP2 available and I'm trying to decide if it's practical for me or not. here is my situation:
Are you planning to develop both prints and film in the processor, or just film?

If you are only processing film, and are not doing anything bigger than 4x5 inch film, then photo-therm is probably a better choice than Jobo... better quality instrument and easier to use. Plus, photo-therm is still in the business of selling processors.

Sometimes you can find a photo-therm on ebay for a few hundred dollars. I actually picked on up for about $100, but that was an almost unheard of low price. You are probably looking at $500-$1000 in most cases at the auction site. The brand-new price is a few thousand dollars.

However, if you can get the Jobo for a good price then it might be worth a shot.