DF, I appreciate the Kachel a lot. I began to notice this, oh, I guess in about 1965. Of course I've developed my own now rather instinctive ways of dealing with it which certainly have something in common with what you are suggesting, but still generally dealt with by more typical exposure/development controls. I tend to set my exposure where I want it, which often is not what straight shadow readings would indicate - exposure with a visualization of the whole curve. Then, I make a determination of the development which also might not conform. Having used the ZS for something like 45 years, I have a rather hefty intuitional tool set which generally serves me well. Getting to know your agitation methods has been quite interesting and I have been employing them (insofar as I'm able to work in my presently rather limited circumstances).

Anyway, thanks, and I'm going to keep these at hand. I'm reading philosophical text right now, and I have to say, Kachel is about as clear as Plotinus, but it's getting better on both sides of the equation.