John Jarosz.
Thank you for the info on Carbro sites. I will check out the sites.
Four U.K. published books on Carbro and Dye Transfer that might be of interest:
"Amateur Dye Transfer Prints" 1955 1st and only edition, AFAIK.
"Amateur Carbro Colour Prints" 1955 3rd Edition
Both by Viscount Hanworth, published by Focal Press. These books are mainly aimed at the beginner. Excellent instruction books but a bit out of date. They are now more of historical value.
"Colour Photography in Practice" By D.A.Spencer. I've got the 3rd edition, 1948. I think the 1st edition was 1938.Published by Pitman/Greenwood.
Very detailed book covering Carbro, Dye T., Dufaycolor, Finlay, plus the then new tri-pack films of Ektachrome, Ansco-color, and the 2nd type of Kodacolor film with the black and white mask. Well worth finding a copy if you are interested in the history of colour photography.
"Autotype Colour Printing Processes". Published about 1944. The (U.K.) instruction book for Trichrome Carbro by The "Autotype Company Limited" London. Apparently this company manufactured all the materials for the Carbro worker in the U.K. Very detailed book, worth finding if you are interested in Carbro. And, of course, Jack H. Coote's books, "Making Colour Prints" and "Colour Prints" are well worth a read."Making Colour Prints" had 17 editions! The later editions cover Tri-pack film and print processes very thoroughly as well as Dye Transfer. (Focal Press)