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Basalt consists of about 48-52% silica (SiO2). Other major elements in varying proportion include titanium (TiO2), aluminum (A2O3), iron (FeO or Fe2O3), manganese (MnO), magnesium (MgO), calcium (CaO), sodium (Na2O), potassium (K2O, and phosphorous (P2O5).


Gitzo pulverises basalt, melts it and adds some pixie dust, then spins it into fibers. The result is a glass/metal composite fiber that is woven and laminated with epoxy into a tube structure. Then Gitzo PR takes over...
This being stated(the makeup of basalt)I have a question.
First I have two tripods(one aluminum,one carbon fiber).From what I understand(I may be wrong)wood tripods allow less vibrations to reach the tripod head than the above.How would in comparison a tripod with all those
elements(of basalt) compare in this regard-worse,better or about the same?
The ones listed at B&H are pricey for the load capacity-would it be any real
improvement from a scientific viewpoint.