Is sheet film in your future plans? I only do B&W because I am 85% color blind. I started using the Jobo when I had a volume of MF and was moving to 4x5. Now I only do 8x10 (100 sheets a year) and 7x17 (250 sheets a year) and love the Jobo CPP-2. If you think that down the road you might go this direction I would grab the Jobo and store it until you are ready. They don't get stale with age. As a matter of fact since they are no longer sold new in the US (I think) grabbing it while it is free is GOOD. I got a spare that way.

I use Rollo Pyro developer from Bostick & Sullivan. I use the Jobo in an 8 foot sink with hot, cold running water and a drain. I go through a lot of fluid. I use the larger Expert tanks. In the process I have a 500ml of prewash, then 1300ml developer, two 750ml rinses, 500ml fixer, two quick 750ml rinses and ten changes 750ml of water rinse. Just to be sure all is clean of fixer I then fill the tanks twice and dump. Gallons. You definitely want plumbing and a sink or drain for this. Empty the unit is less than 20 pounds. I take it out of the sink and store it on a cart. Then I can use the sink for processing sheets of print paper in trays.

John Powers