I sincerely hope that the previous post is excessively pessimistic. However, I can not say for sure. Time will obviously determine the accuracy and validity of that viewpoint. I think that some excellent points were made by both gentlemen. I still think that digital has a long way to go before it can approximate, let alone better, the silver print.

I no longer shoot color materials and quite honestly care very little about the 50X enlargements of the portions of the latest color emulsion prints that attempt to digitally (in the magazine publication) render the relative color balance, granularity, and resolving ability of the film. So from my selfish and limited viewpoint I have already willingly killed one aspect of analog photography in the publications. I imagine that there are color photographers that would just as easily knock off black and white as well.

Ultimately, in the field of publication, the driving force is revenue. That revenue must come from one of two places, either from advertisers or subscribers. How many of you would willingly spend 4 or 5 times the amount of the present publications, that you read, to have a non-digital publication?