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Just for the record, many of the early G-Claron lenses are of Dagor design, not plasmat. I own two lenses of this type, a 210mm and a 240mm. They are single coated and excellent performers, giving more contrast in fact than single coated plasmat type lenses because of fewer air to glass surfaces.

Sandy King
My point was more that the G-Claron's are Repro lenses and not optimised for Infinity or normal use,of course there were Repro Dagors to. In many cases that in itself may make little difference but there can be problems.

One problem with any Graphics/Repro lens is they are optimised for flat field work usually at 1:1 and in the case of the G Claron best between 5:1 and 1:5.

While Schneider state they can be used for normal photographic work they state they can be used up to an angle of view of 64 degrees, less than a Symmar or Sironar.

The image circle might be much greater but there are issues of spherical distortion using process lenses at or near infinity. This may be an problem at the edges/corners, obviously some designs will be worse than others.

It's possible that the early Dagor type Claron's are better than the later Plasmat designs in this respect but they still aren't optimised for normal use.