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If you are only processing film, and are not doing anything bigger than 4x5 inch film, then photo-therm is probably a better choice than Jobo... better quality instrument and easier to use. Plus, photo-therm is still in the business of selling processors.

However, if you can get the Jobo for a good price then it might be worth a shot.
As far as I know Jobo is still making and selling Processors(CPP2+). I have a CPE 2+ with lift that I have been using regularly for B&W film processing lately. Apart from the comfort of not having to time agitation schemes and doing the agitation by hand it is saving both chemistry and water. Not having running water in my darkroom I prefer it to manual agitation using a lot more water and chemistry which I have to carry in and out. Also the jobo drums are really great although somewhat expensive. They are built modular and the internals are interchangeable between the current series (1500, 2500 and 2800) so with only a couple of tanks you have a lot of possibilities. The 1500 series and 2800 series paperdrums are actually not that expensive so in fact......
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