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Hopefully this is okay to ask here.

I have been looking around for some darkroom equipment to do some black and white printing. In my area someone is selling some darkroom equipment. They are asking $75.00 OBO for all this stuff. I have include some pictures I was sent from the seller. Everything in the images are include. Enlarger, timer, 6 trays, 35mm negative carrier and 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 negative carrier, omega 75mm f/4.5 enlarging lens w/f stop scale , 50mm f/35 enlarging lens w/ f-stop scale and box (7) variable contrast filter by Beseler for black and white printing and whatever else is pictured.

This is within my budget but I don't know a whole lot about this stuff. I don't know the model of the enlarger, I know that it is Omega brand. Given everything is in working order does this look like its working going for? I would also like to be able to print 6x7. Would I be able to use this stuff if I got a 6x7 negative carrier or whatever else might be needed?

Thanks for any information you can provide with this.
My advice would be to hold on for an enlarger which can do 6x7 w/o modification. Those latter Omega's are capable enlargers (I loved my C- 700) but you should be able to do better than that.