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....TV will continue to deliver the drivel that holds the masses attention long enough to show an advert. Television programming is the filler between the adverts. Most people never get this. TV is about TV commercials and nothing else.
While reading through this thread I was wondering when someone would state the truth about TV.

Jason, your last statement said it all and should be the end of any discussion about TV. It was that way in the beginning and remains that way today, and there is no chance it will change in the future. Even the programing now mimics the commercials - lots of noise, colors, and fast action to hold your attention for the next advert., or string of adverts.

I personally think TV is on its way out, anyway, as long as the current logic of adding more programs attracts more customers as if more is a better deal. Most people I know say "TV stinks". They spend more time looking (scrolling) for something interesting to watch than actually watching an entire program. What can be more boring than that? Maybe the answer is watching the adverts instead of getting burned out in the search..

Watching the games in HD is now the big attractor. It sells the big screen TV.