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I received a very helpful email from someone, and it explained why the Jobo is not well-suited to b&w processing. As someone who does not intend to do color in the near future, if ever, there is little practical advantage.

And I have no running water in the basement! Trays are not much of a problem to handle in this situation.
Please read my post "18" again. I have no running water in my darkroom and thats exactly one of the major advantages of the jobo. I do not need as much water or chemistry for each dev session as I would with my Paterson tanks. Yes the jobo needs some water before its operational but if you use demineralised water you can have it standing for over 2 months before you have to change it. In that tim I have done over 25 films, some 6 at a time filling only a 5L can. 2 films may take as little as 250-300ml and 6 films 850ml.
Using the paterson 2 films requires at least 600ml.
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