Hi Dave,

I have had the Salthill washer/dryer for over 17 years. It is very good gear; well designed and built. I don't have my instructions any longer but I can tell you how I use it.

Use the washer as stated. If you want to reduce/eliminate the bubbles, hold your finger over the small tube that projects from the top of the washer. the bubbles will disappear. After washing, I used to use a slight amount of photo-flo (drop or two) down the tube as stated in the instructions. I stopped doing this a while ago due to "issues" that photo flo was causing with my stainless steel reels.

When you transfer the reels to the dryer, dry them until the film is "just about dry". I then hang the film up in an enclosure to protect it from dust while the final "dry to the touch" sets in. One thing to check for is the air filter in the front of the unit. Make sure that yours is clean. You can get a suitable replacement from home depot (furnace air filter section) and cut to size.

Joe Saltzer was indeed an innovator and tried to design the very best products. Unfortunately, building a sustainable business out of his creations was another matter. The last I heard, he was working at B&H in their darkroom department.

If I can answer any other questions, do not hesitate to ask..