Hi all,

my first post on APUG.

Having recently returned to using film after approx. 6 years - I'm looking for any sound advice about film choice.

The only film camera I own is a Nikonos V - I've begun shooting action surf shots and after my first couple of shoots on KODAK VR 400 (fortunately found on the back shelf of a local supermarket) - I've gotten the photography bug again (even though I shoot for a living).

The film, as I say got me out of a hole, early one morning - I'm pretty certain there will be better quality emulsions out there - but before I purchase, all help appreciated!

Here is a typical shot i'm trying to capture - admittedly the light on this day was stunning - but as a rule of thumb - I'm looking at a 400 for my day to day use. (This produced a decent 1/1000 at 5.6) - as i'm sure you'll appreciate the shutter speed is vital and the aperture helps (focusing based on manual distances) - and when surfer charging at you, it's quite hard to keep the correct distances.

Ultimately I would shoot Slide - however it is fairly expensive to buy and dev - so I figure after the quite nice results from the 'consumer' film that there must be some beautiful and 'slide quality' equivalent films out there???

Technology must have advanced!

Realistically 400iso - and fine grain would be ideal (sadly they all claim fine grain)...

...so any real, hands on advice for similar shots - possibly in more overcast light, but with the ability to handle both beautifully.

All advice welcomed.


Matt Kirwan