No, I don't think these are the ones with the wider flanges. The Samigon branded plastic reels do definitely have the wider flanges, but these are considerably more expensive at $12.50 vs. the $4.99 for the Omega branded ones. I have a bunch of plastic reels of various manufacture including some of the wide flange variety. The extra wide flanges on the Samigon reels really do make loading any format film easier, but I don't find the others to be difficult. I could live without it. What I find interesting about the Omega reels is what looks to be a device to facilitate loading 2 x 120 roll film on a single reel. Now that would come in handy. Processing a roll of film in a plastic tank takes between 600 - 700 ml. to cover the film. That's far more developer than necessary for the 80 square inches of film to be developed and is typically enough to process 2 rolls. Being able to load 2 films on a single reel is conservative of chemistry and time. I've tried butting the ends of two 120 films and taping them together and it's not easy to do accurately in the dark nor is it reliable. Unless you get them lined up perfectly, you're looking at a jammed reel and possibly damaged film.