I think 2F pretty much answered your questions. During the middle of the day the color temperature is pretty much spot on daylight (5500~5600K), but as you go on into late afternoon/sunset, the color temperature is roughly 3200~3400K. This is almost spot on tungsten color temperature (same as shooting with hotlights), and unless your shooting tungsten balanced films (discontinued) or use some sort of color correction/wratten filter, your image will have a very "warm" cast to it.

If my explanation doesn't help here are some examples;

Hawaii 1992 - Fujichrome 100 - Nikon 801

Taken in the middle of the day:

Taken during sunset:

You can clearly see the "warm" (yellow) color cast on the last piece film. This can be very pleasing if your trying to get this type of look, but it can be annoying if your not expecting it.

Hope this helped!