I sometimes use a Nikon 4T closeup lens with the 120 AMED, and am very happy with it. That is a formidable combination. Offhand I don't remember how far the AMED stops down, maybe f/45, but I recall that it often isn't enough by a long shot and one has to think about movements to try to get a bit more focus control.

My latest macro weapon is the rz 110/2.8 adapted to LF; the lens is so bright that you really can work on the movements very effectively, even at high mag (beyond 3:1). The lens certainly isn't optimized for that kind of thing, and it'd not be a good setup if field curvature is a concern, but for everything else... bear in mind that a fast smaller format lens, at high mag, will cover LF. So I have put various nikon lenses, reversed, in a press shutter.

Experiment and have fun!