Artars are process lenses designed for reproducing flat artwork, maps, and such. Less coverage is better than more in that situation, because the lenses weren't designed for use at infinity, and at 1:1 excessive coverage can cause bellows flare. They do perform quite well at infinity, though. They're really sharp.

Dagors are wide lenses. They have lots of coverage stopped down, and good contrast, even in uncoated versions, because they have only 4 glass-air surfaces. They can also function as convertibles in a pinch by removing the front cell to produce a lens about 1.75 x the focal length of the combined cells. I have two coated Gold Dot Dagors and one uncoated Ser. III Dagor, and they are great lenses. My 168mm/6.8 Ser. III will cover 8x10".

If you wanted to put together an all Goerz lens kit, your widest lens might be a Wide-Angle Dagor, with a regular Dagor or three in the middle, and an Artar or two at the long end, since a wide angle of coverage is not as important with longer focal lengths relative to the format size.