Larry Gebhardt hooked me up. Big time.

First, He sent a beautiful 11x14 color print of orchids. The greens are so vibrant and not only I, but my wife fell in love with it immediately.
Second and third. He also sent me two prints of one of my favorite subjects, even though I have never had the opportunity to visit it. YOSEMITE! I beautiful print of Yosemite Falls (upper and lower, classic (AA) view). But very well printed. I was able to take a print in one of Ansel's books and place then side by side. Could not tell the difference. And another of Merced River on the valley floor with Half Dome rising in the background.

Larry, thank you for the wonderful prints.

I also recieved prints from Roger Thoms and Laurent. I thanked them as well. I really appreciate all of the effort going into the prints be everybody involved. Way to go, everybody.