I would not do every shot on the roll. I average 3 or 4 usable shots per roll, so what I thought was yes to perhaps use pnance's method above, but only do the usable shots, plus a couple more. Say, 6 images on an 8x10. I'll still have the regular contact sheet to refer to, but I always wanted to see the select few just a little bigger and apart from the rest of the roll. A contact sheet of the primary edit, if you will, but a little larger than normal. Should be relatively quick to do with the RH Designs analyzer pro. In any case I'll be trying something similar soon, I have a Durst Comask coming in the post, with its 4 windows I'll be trying to get 4 images on a sheet of 8x10. Mind you, I didn't really have this in mind when I bought it. Anyway, shall see how it goes. Well, call me mad, but aren't we all considered to be something like mad professors in these dark rooms of ours that hardly anybody these days understands? Paul