If the idea is to find a quick way to get proof prints, it sounds like a Beseller Negatrans would speed up the process. And instead of an enlarged contact sheet, why not just do small proof prints of each negative? Pick a negative whose density is mid-range within all the images on the roll, find the (roughly) optimal f/stop and exposure time for that one image's print, then run them all at one setting, quick and dirty as they say. Start with 8"x10" paper, cut them in half and print full-frame on 5"x8". You can put the exposed proof prints back into a light-tight envelop after exposure, then develop them all in one batch in an oversized tray (like for 11"x14") after all the images have been exposed, thus saving lotsa time.

When you get experienced with this method, you can tweak individual negatives "on the fly" for density differences, for instance adding or subtracting exposure time, to get a proof print that's "closer" to optimal.

There's also the question of "what's wrong with an 8"x10" contact proof sheet of the whole roll?" since this method has served photographers for generations.