I don't know if I bought from the same seller, but I bought rolls of that paper in F and E surface, about 6 months ago. I cut it with a paper cutter under the Kodak recommended safelight (you can sort of see what you are doing after a few minutes). The emulsion is exposed to the safelight for about 10 seconds.

I have run through a few hundred sheets of the stuff and I am very pleased with it. It is on a much thinner base compared to Endura, but sits flat in the easel and processes well in a rotary tube. The exposures run about the same as Endura. I haven't been doing colour for very long, so I am not much of a judge when it comes to which paper is better or worse in one way or another. I can say that friends who look at my prints from a medium format on 8X10, can't tell the difference between Endura Supra and Edge.

I cut up about three hundred 8X10s from each roll and put the rolls in the freezer.