Now that this round is nearly over, I want to send some comments for the postcards I received so far.

But first a few words about the schedule. I have the impression, that the four month schedule for each round seems to be too short. I was late and many others were late and - since I am still waiting for about 20 postcards - many others fall out of the schedule. I do not want to change the schedule for the next round but we probably should think about it a bit.

Here the postcards I received so far:

sly - a nice brown toned 4x5 contact print which seems to come from another time. Very nice, I like it a lot.
c.w. - Wow, what a wide landscape. You put a lot of drama in it. Good.
photomem - a soft nostalgic piano shot. I like the play with the focus. Unfortunately I got the one which has not been fixed out, so there is a brown spot on it.
lorirfrommontana - sent a nice portrait of her daughter ans so showed us also a portrait of another postcard member. Thanks for that.
rtbadman - the next wide landscape. The graffitti on the building makes it for me. I like it.
Rob Skeoch - Dusty Bikes in the Alley makes me wanting to see more of your Searching for China series.
kwhitmore - What is it in the very foreground? A flower? This is the anchor of the image and bang the post office printed some orange lines across it. Anyway I like it - no, not the orange lines.
karl burke - Well, I like Fionas eye. And depending on your choice of top and bottom it tells you different stories.
markrewald - In every round I get some very nice IR images. And I always think, well I should try this myself and I never try it and then in the next round ... I like the Colorado Capital Building - well, I like the glow of the foliage even more.
crispinuk - a shot that I tried so many times and it never worked for me. This one works very well and the different shades of the trees gives depth. Thanks.
Allen Friday - Rockfleet Castle, did I ever mention that I like castles? I like castles. And thanks for the historical background.
Mike Wilde - wow, I like this image a lot. There is so much detail, exposure is spot on. Thanks.
paul_c - Cathedral of St John. Did I ever mention that I like cathedrals? Thanks for sending this?
mooseontheloose - let me see, in every round I get some ... Well, I like it.
kraker - Kitchen 1 - a good attempt and a good idea for a series. I visited your homepage and also liked the favourites series.
mckenna - interesting capture of old and new. We have many of the new here in Germany. Thanks.
Mick Fagan - great action. Did you have to clean your lens afterwards. Anyway I like it.
wazza - brougth back memories to a vacation in France where we visited a wind mill and the stairs there looked nearly the same but came up counter clockwise. That alone makes it to a very nice photograph for me, but I also like the composition and I especially like the highlight tones in the stairs.
pasto - a nice street shot printed to my liking. Thanks
Tim Gray - it tuna time. Interesting composition and I also always surprised how big they are. yum yum!
Laurent - a fuel decanter. I like such details and I like how you printed it. Thanks. A fuel decanter, how cool is this, I only know about wine decanters
hoffy - no 153. This is a very nice shot. A lot of movement in it but also sharp details. And a nice subjet too. Very well done. Thank you.
mike c - "So. Cal. Sleight bells" does "So. Cal." stand for "South Californian"? And they are frosted? Wow. Anyway I like it.
tocalosh - what a moving image. Thank you.
aluk - this is my favourite so far. I like the tone, the subject, the detail and how it is printed. Interesting paper too, I have never tried this one. Thank you.
MattKing - Up, Up and Away - Good image of an urban landscape. I like it.
DrZish - Kegon Falls. At the bottom of the falls is this still snow and ice?
Christopher Walrath - Sunset and Storm. Wow, this looks great and dramatic. I like it.
Wayne Frederick - I like this kind of photographs where you walk around in the image and find so many interesting things. Thanks.
drpsilver - wow, that I call abandoned. Thanks for sharing.
bwakel - Oh dear! I can very well understand your wife. @All do not risk your life just to send a great postcard.
OMU - Hey, they know how to marry. I like it.
meltronic - I like it, but I can not tell youo exactly why. I just like it.
polyglot - "Cliché in Grey", yes, but a nice one. Thank you.

That is it so far. I am looking forward to the rest of the postcards and the next rounds signup will start tomorrow.