We've had quite a few threads on the various Chinese-made 6x17cm backs (DaYi, Shen Hao, Focus, Gaoersi, recent Art Panorama [not to be confused with the earlier Japanese Art Pan] and others), mostly for 4x5" cameras, so I've merged them into a sticky thread. There's a little overlap in topic with 6x17 cameras made by some of the same companies, but the construction of the rollfilm backs is generally similar. The backs for 4x5" cameras are expansion backs, so there are limitations in the lenses that can be used with them, which isn't a problem for a 6x17 back made for a 6x17 camera, but the simple film advance, pressure plate, frame counting window, all look generally the same. Maybe it might make sense for a new thread on the Shen Hao Art Panorama 6x17 cameras in general.

The Canham motorized 6x17 back for 5x7" cameras is a different concept and there are other threads for that.