The intent is for you to return the film to fuji for processing. If you don't, the volume of their lab won't be significant enough to sustain the process and they'll can the film like they almost did back in '07.

The dye is incorporated. It is a standard reversal film but it includes the nasty goopy antihalation layer. Processing this film requires the mechanical removal of the layer (first submerging in a bath of chemical, then using a sponge to wipe it off) followed by a process similar to E6 (I assume they are compatible though the color developer will most likely be slightly different.) You need the reels/processor for it which costs ~$200 and is purchased on ebay from sellers in the Ukraine. The bottom line is, send it to them and wait the 3 months.

Do you have the single-8 cameras for it? If you weren't aware, it's not compatible with super-8 Kodak cameras.