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Look at this site which explains how to load a film holder - includes how to identify the emulsion side.
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If I may be so bold....This is a very clear and straightforward lesson on sheet film and the loading of it and in fact I referred to it myself when starting, but there is one thing which I have started doing since I put a sheet into the darkslide rails instead of the film rails in error. When I load, I pull the dark slide, blow everything clean of dust, and then I put the darkslide back in about 1/2 way. Then I load the film into the film rails, fold over the end flap and push the dark slide the rest of the way in. When you put the film in with the dark slide pulled all the way out, if you mistakenly happen to get it into the dark slide rails, it will usually only go as far as the slide and then will stick or catch. If you don't have the slide in, and once the film is into the dark slide rails by mistake and lying flat, the slide goes in without too much trouble and you won't know that the film is loaded wrong until you've pulled the slide and tried to put it back in again after taking the picture.