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A question, when your hog hair brushes looses hair during stamping, what is the best trick for removing the loose hair?
I use one of those erasers that can be molded like clay. I form one end to a point and use it to life the hair.

FWIW, I have used Fomabrom Variant IV with success. I like the cream base much better than the white base that Kentmere Fineprint offers, although Fineprint works quite well with some images. I have also used Ilford MGIV (matt) though it should be noted that you cannot get as many pages to properly bleach and tan as other papers - I keep things at six to eight 8x10" sheets with about a 6x8" print area per liter of bleach. With other papers I can get at least ten sheets through a liter of bleach with no difficulty whatever.

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