01 Jan 2010

Happy New Year to all involved in this exchange. As others have said the Postcard Exchange is fun, but it is also addictive! A big THANK YOU to Ruediger for coordinating the exchange and sending lists of names to each of us.

Ruediger mentioned the possibility of modifying the 4-month cycle of the exchanges. My opinion is that 4-month cycle works for me, and fits nicely into a year. If the cycle was 5-months then each year will have different months as "sign-up", "print and post", ... And, 6-months is too long between exchanges - "Exchange Withdrawal" becomes a real possibility. I like the suggestion that the sign-up period be 15 or 20 days instead of and entire month. I am open to whatever the group decides to do.

I am in for the max this round. Same address as Round 18.