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Hey thought I'd weight in on the schedule. I'm happy with it the way it is. I don't believe giving people more time would help. I'm also not worried about the people who are late, or who never send their cards. I receive enough fantastic cards to make it totally worthwhile. The exchanges also motivate me to get out and photograph and then get in the darkroom and print so that also make it all worthwhile.

I have the same feelings. I got enough fantastic cards to make it fair (although I'll be happy to receive the few I've not received yet ;-) ). I don't think more time would change anything, I guess that people who don't send, simply can't for whatever reason they have.

I'd have one remark though : I'd find fair that all people who receive a card post that they have received (that may already be the case, but in this case that would mean only 11 of my 20 cards made it to their final recipient, which seems quite low). A comment is appreciated (can be a PM if you really dislike my card and don't want to offense !) but not mandatory.

Anyway, let's have FUN and ADDICTION in this new exchange.