Hey there,

May be a daft question this, but have you ever amnaged to load a steel reel ok? (sounds a bit harsh - not meant to). If you have loaded a steel reel before then you *may* have a feel for when a particular reel is not "behaving" itself, if you haven't loaded a steel reel before you have no reference point.

If this is the first time using steel reels I would suggest selecting just one reel, sacrifice an unshot roll of film and load the reel in daylight. At least you will see what is happening. If that works, repeat till it can be done with your eyes closed and then try it in the changing bag. If that reel never works, try the same with another. Sounds tedious, but it's -11F outside - what else to do? :-)

If one reel works and another doesn't - then one of the reels is dodgy, if none of the reels work it could be all reels are dodgy and/or your technique is not right.

Using steel reels for the first time *can* be tricky compared to plastic. Have fun and good luck.

P.S. perhaps retitle the thread?