I've made almost comical errors learning to load film in holders. Once, on a cold, snowy day, I put the film holder in the camera, pulled the darkslide, made the exposure, put the darkslide back in and removed the film holder. I then opened the shutter to arrange another image and was puzzled that I couldn't see anything even though the aperture was wide open. I removed the lensboard only to discover that the sheet of film from the previous exposure was still in the camera. Having been entirely unseated in the holder, it just fell out when I'd pulled the darkslide. Ever since, when loading holders, I run my finger along the darkslide slots to be sure the film's not in one of them, and I haven't made any mistakes in that area since.

Your question was in reference to which side the emulsion is on and the answer is the side facing you with the notches in the upper right hand corner. When holding the film with the notches on the urhs facing you, slide the film into the holder with it oriented upside down...the darkslide part way pulled out below. Good luck!