Thank you all for the very informative responses. I am sure there are others that this simple but valuable tip can assist in their photographic adventures.
After dunking in warm distilled water, leaving it for half an hour then moving it in cold distilled water for a bit, I shook it for the excess water to come out then wiped it with a lens cloth and left it to air dry.
It looks fine now.
Thank you all!
I was out and about the city shooting since my brother stole the jeep and I was vehicleless for a longer excursion, I found myself in the port. The day had some of the most beautiful clouds and clouds are rare in Crete, unless they follow a winter rainfall. The wind was very strong and the Mediterranean wild so I took a few rolls before my uncovered hands and neck felt like they were melting.
Then I noticed the spray on the filter so I called it a day.