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fp4+ vs delta 100 vs PLUS-X 125 vs NEOPAN 100 ACROS

looking for b&w film available in 35 and 120 with speed close to 100 and wide exposure latitude so that results will be printable even if severely* over-exposed

severely* mystery shutter speed and aperture supposedbly 1/30 f16 on box-ish camera

the plan is to buy 35 and 120 and shoot both at the same time,
35 in semi-automatic mode, 120 in duaflex

I know nothing about these films
The way you asked the question, you'll get four groups of people all voting for their favorite film. The truth is, all B&W films have an enormous latitude towards overexposure. You can print these films even if overexposed by several stops (4-8 stops no problem). You will have to live with long exposure times in the darkroom, but you will be rewarded with great shadow detail. Underexposure is a different matter. There is no latitude towards underexposure, unless you are willing to give up some shadow detail.