The best critiques take into account your personal taste and what you are trying to accomplish. Critiques based solely on the preferences of the critic will only tell you how to make that person happy. It’s much more valuable for you to get feedback on how to achieve the results YOU want. I may personally prefer muted color, but if you love saturated color, my job is to help you do saturated color well.
I don't per se have a problem with a critic offering their personal taste - so long as they A: identify it as such, and B: offer it in the form of "I'd like to see you try technique x - I think it has potential to improve your work". That of course feeds in to your ultimate point - understand that a critique IS one person's opinion, and they just may not get what you're trying to do. However, if every critique you receive says the same thing, maybe it's time to listen and rethink what you're doing, because nobody's getting it. It may not be that your idea is bad, but something about what you're doing is not communicating that idea.