Does anyone have experience with these lenses in comparison to regular lenses (such as the Nikkor 50, regular rodagon, componon S etc) for corner sharpness at wider apertures and large print sizes? I am not worried about stopped down performance. I realise that the consensus is that at a couple of stops down their advantage is lost.

I ask because I am making large prints from 35mm and find that all the regular lenses I have used (componon S, Minolta 4.5, Durst Neonon) struggle in the corners at wider apertures with large prints. This is what you would expect as they are conventional non-asph lenses and need stopping down more as prints get bigger. While my 105 rodagon gives amazing performance at massive prints the column/bed height is silly and so I want to work with a 45-50mm.

I am interested in picking up an APO Rodagon or 45 F4 APO in the hope I can get the corner sharpness I need at f4+ rather than F8+ or so with my regular lens. Can anyone comment on whether they have found these premium lenses better in the corners with large prints (20x16, 20x24 etc) at the wider apertures? At 16x12 my regular lens is fantastic but crumbles in the extreme corners when I hit 20x16 and above unless I stop riiiiiiiight down and I just cannot be doing with multiple stop burning in on top of a 2 minute exposure time with MG WT Its a very distinct drop off as if it has run out of image circle.