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Was wandering if bright white mats are what everyone uses to mount their prints. I know the idea is for the print to be mounted on a neutral, uncompetitive color, so I was wandering if anyone mounts on something different, that is also neutral. I was specifically thinking about a color that is tantamount to neutral gray, not middle gray, more like a zone 3 or 4 tone. The reason I ask is that some websites present a similar tone for the background color and I think it really enhances the print values, but maybe this would not translate to the physical print and mount.

Your thoughts. Thanks
Personal taste, mood, etc aside, the idea is to find a mount, overmat and frame what does not compete with the image tones and does not fight for attention. A full-scale print has all tones from paper white to the darkest black the paper can produce. A black mount competes with the shadows and makes them look weak. Bright white mounts compete with the highlights of the print and makes them look 'dirty'. To maintain print brilliance, the highlights in the print should be lighter than the mount. The best color is an off white or very light gray. Attached is an example how mount color affects identical print tones. A light gray surrounded by white looks darker then the same gray surrounded by black.